Quasar Sense

All Sky Radio Frequency Monitoring

Step into a new frontier of Space Domain Awareness with Quasar Sense.
It's a quantum leap in the evolution of space monitoring. Move beyond mere position tracking of satellites and embrace a future where RF signals tell stories, anomalies are identified in real time, and every pass contributes to a more robust understanding of the Space Domain by delving into the RF signals emitted by satellites and unlocking a wealth of critical insights into satellite missions, operations, and their impact on the surrounding environment.

Screenshot of a sky image captured using our Gen-One Phased Array

Key Features

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Continuous All Sky RF Signal Surveying

Quasar Sense is the world’s first all-of- sky radio frequency (RF) emitters interrogator. Quasar Sense sets a new standard by tirelessly surveying and classifying simultaneous RF signals from space 24/7 building a 360-degree picture without blind spots for all the space based RF activities.

Comprehensive Signal Identification and Analysis

Every transmitting object within the entire operating frequency band of the array is captured, identified, catalogued, and compared with ground truth. This meticulous RF Signal fingerprinting process allows for the identification of deviations, anomalies, uncorrelated tracks and other unknown or unforeseen events.

Real-time Characterization & Behavioural Analysis of Targets of Interest

Quasar Sense doesn't just detect signals; it characterizes Targets of Interest in real time. Raw voltages from all identified Targets of Interest undergo RF signature characterization, including Doppler analysis, anomaly detection, modulation characteristics, pattern of life analysis and SIGINT processing.

EMI Mitigation

Quasar Sense’s RF monitoring capabilities constantly monitors satellites transmissions to detect interference and enables spatial location of jamming and spoofing whilst providing the capability to null the signals as applicable in an operational environment.

Mission-Critical Decision Support

Unlike traditional methods, Quasar Sense takes space monitoring to a new level by characterizing all targets of interest simultaneously with every pass. Make informed, mission-critical decisions with confidence. Quasar Sense insights equips you with the RF intelligence needed to assess risk, identify opportunities, and build a 360 degree view of all RF based activities in space.

Data Fusion

Quasar builds and maintains a comprehensive catalogue of signals which can seamlessly be integrated into other RF sources to build positional data intelligence for a comprehensive Space Domain Awareness picture. This powerful interoperable capability provides a holistic view of the space environment, enhancing your ability to make informed decisions.

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