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What we Offer

World's first truly digital ground station.

Fully digital system - 100% software defined beam and signal processing built to scale with your business needs.Unmatched performance - Dozens of simultaneous reconfigurable digital beams for increased downlink capability with your satellites.Guaranteed access - 24/7 dedicated communication capacity with a flexible on-demand pass booking system tailored for all mission types.Built to scale - Whether it's earth observation, Internet of things (IoT), or communication missions, we offer flexible and scalable data capacity options to support your specific requirements.Simple and elastic platform - Easy to use and end to end service delivery platform providing backward compatibility with existing and legacy systems.Cost effective system - Tailored to suit the specific needs and objectives of your mission from a small CubeSat to a large communications satellite, we've got you covered.


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Quasar Architecture

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Our public frontend API for all customer missions and pass operations. Customers can use our API to setup users, pre-configure satellite characteristics and licensing, book and manage passes, receive real-time and recorded diagnostics and manage billing.

Phased Array

Unique, 3D, natively-wideband array elements offering broad sky scanning and awareness capabilities.

Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Takes the VITA-49 RF data stream from the beamformer which then demodulates and decodes it based on the configuration defined for each mission or pass. The SDR's also work in the reverse direction when the pass is used for uplink.


Customer data is recorded and cached temporarily within the ground station. The cached data is then consumed by the data redirector for delivery to the customer-defined target.

Quasar Portal Ground Station as a Service API (GSaaS) Controller Phased Array Beamformer Software Defined Radio (SDR) Gatekeeper Storage Analytics

Quasar Portal

Seamlessly book satellite passes using our easy-to-use, intuitive pass booking system offering a best in class user experience.


Orchestrates each of the ground station components to ensure that they are properly coordinated during passes. The controller also ensures that the resources within the ground station are managed efficiently, and ensures customer data remains isolated and secure.


Digitally constructs a steered beam using RF data from individual elements of our phased array. The beamformer produces a single VITA-49 stream of RF data for each beam in use, which it then sends on to other systems within the ground station.


Sets-up secure VPN connections to customer endpoints for both sending recorded data and retrieving data for uplinks. Optionally, the gatekeeper can also send and retrieve for endpoints in the cloud, such as AWS and Azure.


Collects diagnostics and logging information from all components as passes occur so that customers have visibility of the RF and data characteristics during their missions. This includes spectral and noise data as well as data on modulation and decoding.

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Who are we?

A world class team with decades of experience.

Our Board

Headshot of David Skellern

Prof David Skellern AO


David’s team was the creator of 802.11 WiFi. He is currently chairman of the RoZetta Institute. Prof Skellern joined the Board of National ICT Australia in 2003 and became its Chief Executive Officer in 2005. Dr Skellern was appointed to the Order of Australia in 2010.

Headshot of Martin Duursma

Martin Duursma

Board of Directors

25 years’ experience as a Technologist, Business Founder, Angel Investor and Mentor both in Australia and the US. Martin is a Partner at Main Sequence, CSIRO’s Innovation fund managing over $230 million in investments.

Headshot of Catherine Livingstone AO

Catherine Livingstone AO

Board of Directors

Catherine is the Chancellor of UTS, and is a director of Saluda Medical and The Australian Ballet amongst others. Catherine’s executive career includes her role as the CEO of Cochlear Ltd from 1994 to 2000, where she oversaw its 1995 IPO. Some of Catherine’s past board positions include Chair of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Telstra, and CSIRO.

Headshot of Greg Reid

Greg Reid

Board of Directors

30 years’ experience in operational and technical management and RAN, including senior management and Director positions in a number of terrestrial broadcast start-up companies. Greg is Executive Director at Clearbox Systems.

Headshot of Phil Ridley

Phil Ridley


30 years’ experience in telecommunications, aerospace and RAAF. Cofounder or key executive at many startups including BigPond, Unwired Australia and Mojo Power. International patent holder and winner of multiple national Engineering Excellence awards incl. Bradfield Award for Engineering Excellence.

Headshot of Ilana Feain

Ilana Feain (PhD)


Interdisciplinary entrepreneur spanning pure and applied signal processing, big science project management, deep technology commercialisation and related technology development. Past L’Oreal For Women in Science Fellow, CSIRO Ruby Payne Scott Fellow, a recipient of the CSIRO Chairman’s Medal.

Our Executives

Headshot of Richard Alleman

Richard Alleman

Chief Information Officer

Richard is an enterprise architect and former software developer with around 30 years of experience in the IT industry. Richard has designed the bulk of Quasar's IT architecture used and runs Quasar’s extremely talented development team. In his free time, Richard is an amateur brewer and musician.

Headshot of Rashmi Karanth

Rashmi Karanth

Chief Product Officer

A digital artisan obsessed with building customer-oriented, user-centric digital products and services. Rashmi has a decade-long proven track record of building complex and successful digital products whilst leading high performing teams and commercial strategies.

Headshot of Mike Boers

Mike Boers (PhD)

Chief Technology Officer

More than 10 years experience leading deep-tech teams in Australia and the US including at Broadcom and Movandi. Mike has a PhD in 60GHz phased array systems and holds multiple international patents.

Headshot of Rashmi Karanth

Richard Singh

Head of Business Development & Key Partnerships

A seasoned Sales & Strategy Leader renowned for driving profitable sales and exponential market share growth, navigating success through both startups as well as well-established tech firms across global markets.


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