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Whether you operate small satellites or manage vast constellations, our GSaaS solution is tailored to meet your needs. Unlock guaranteed pass bookings, 24/7 availability, unlimited data downlink capacity, and premium dedicated beams for all your satellite communication mission types. Trust Quasar Link for secure, efficient, and reliable satellite communication.

Supported Mission Types

Earth ObservationCommunicationNavigationScientificWeatherRemote SensingSurveillanceSpace Exploration
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Key Features

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Guaranteed Pass

Quasar Link provides satellite operators with unparalleled guaranteed access to passes, ensuring reliable and seamless communication with your satellites. Say goodbye to uncertainties and embrace a service that stands out in reliability and performance.

24/7 Availability

Offering round-the-clock access to satellite passes Quasar Link understands the critical nature of satellite communication, offering on demand continuous availability to meet your operational needs.

Tailored for all Missions

Whether you're managing a small satellite or a vast constellation, Quasar Link is tailored to meet your unique mission needs. Link enables you to scale your missions effortlessly whilst offering economies of scale.

Frictionless Pass Bookings

Book passes with ease through our user-friendly customer portal or seamlessly integrate with your scheduling systems using our pass booking API providing flexibility to adapt to your operational needs.

Fast Data Delivery

Our end-to-end optimised digital network infrastructure offers fast and reliable data delivery by reducing latency and enabling access to satellite data quickly maximizing operational efficiencies.

End-to-End Security

Your data's security is our top priority. Our comprehensive security measures guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of your information throughout the communication process.

Premium Offering:

Dedicated Beams as a Service

Take your communication capabilities to the next level with our premium offering. Quasar Link introduces dedicated beams as a service, allowing you to rent a beam exclusively for your use, available whenever you need it. Experience unparalleled flexibility, control & scale on demand tailored to your growing satellite communication needs.

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