CUDA/C++ Developer


June 26, 2023

Direct Report


Mandatory Skills:

Desirable Skills:

You should be comfortable leading your own development and researching the topics required for your work on your own. It would also be beneficial if you have a general interest in space communications and have undertaken personal projects in the subject, but this is certainly not mandatory.

Purpose and Responsibilities of the Role

Quasar’s GSaaS technology platform includes satellite planning, scheduling and visualisation applications, middleware/APIs, virtual hosting, networking, telecomunications enclosures, space-domain awareness applications, software defined radios, cloud-based data processing, system monitoring and physical systems deployment.

As a CUDA Developer you will be working within a small team of developers working in two primary areas:

This will require you to:

We offer you:

Company Background

Quasar Satellite Technologies is revolutionising global satellite to ground station communications by bringing to market an exciting new Australian technology from CSIRO and its other industry founders.

Quasar’s Ground Station as a Service (GSaaS) delivering Space Data as a Service (SDaaS) will exploit its world-leading radio antenna and applications technology to greatly increase the capacity and reduce the cost of communicating with satellites and spacecraft in Low, Medium and Geostationary orbits.

Quasar is an equal opportunity employer that empowers its people.

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